The 11th Hour - Review

A wake up call!

By Nicole Mesman

The 11th hour is a documentary intended to help us realise the damage we11th-hour-leo are inflicting on our planet and motivate us to change. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this environmentally concerned film is comprised of short interviews with over fifty different people which, although at times confusing, effectively presents many different perspectives on the issues.

The film begins by addressing the reason why humans are destroying the planet, explaining that our minds have created within us a feeling of superiority over nature which has led to us being disrespectful towards the earth. This really began during the industrial revolution, the period where, with the discovery of oil, nature was turned into property, used to feed, cloth and house the growing human population. After that nature had no rights - we owned it, we controlled it.  It comes to the conclusion that many of the problems we now face such as acid rain, overfishing, deforestation and global warming are all outcomes of our disregard for nature.

As the film goes on different speakers –scientists, thinkers, sustainability experts and many others– discuss the reality that although the general public wants to be more environment friendly the change is not taking place. This is because the world’s leaders are effectively controlled by oil companies and other multinational corporations, preventing them from passing any laws that might put these companies out of business.

11th_hourdvdBut the film doesn’t just blame governments or big business, it shows us that we are all responsible.  The world revolves around consumers, so we can have what we want, when we want it. As the movie puts it we – the consumers – spend all our time working, so that we can shop, so that we can keep up with ‘the Jones’s’. People need to change their material desires and start putting their wallets away, or if they do need to buy something thinking about the impact of that purchase and seeking out more environment friendly goods.

At the end of the film  the speakers address our future which they believe holds two distinct possibilities, either we will continue down our current path and wipe ourselves out along with many other creatures, or that this 11th hour will be a victory and we will all work together to create a sustainable future.

In comparison to others documentaries of its kind, such as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, the 11th hour presents a more thorough analysis of the situation that we are facing right now. For me it was motivating and inspiring. It effectively, with the aid of sensational visuals, pointed out the critical flaws in human society and their consequences, but it also illustrated our ability to save the planet. IF we act quickly.

I recommend you watch it!

****4 stars out of 5

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