Go bananas for fair trade!

Kiwis love bananas! So much so that as a country New Zealand imports the highest per capita amount of bananas in the world. But did you know that the majority of banana plantation workers do not earn enough to live and support their families? Some earn less than $3 a day.

gorillabananaFarmers struggle to cover their cost of production whilst trying to compete with large scale plantations owned by a small number of multinational corporations who dominate the global banana trade, controlling both the markets and prices. However, Fairtrade makes a world of difference - minimum prices are calculated to at least cover average local costs of production which can be double what producers would normally receive.

New Zealand has now joined the Fairtrade banana revolution! Fairtrade bananas are currently available only in a select few number of supermarkets. Help us show the supermarket chains that we want them all over NZ by spreading the word and going bananas for Fairtrade.

Join the email campaign: Sign up to get your voice heard and let the supermarkets know that you want to see Fairtrade bananas in your local store.

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