Peace Out Nuclear Weapons!

One of the most powerful threats against all people today are nuclear weapons. They have the potential to destroy populations and cities with the push of one single button:

  • There are currently 8,400 active and operational nuclear weapons worldwide
  • There are more than 23,000 total nuclear warheads that include operational, spares, and those in active and inactive storage. Though many may be scheduled for dismantlement, they are rarely ever destroyed.
  • The United States and Russia possess 95% of the world’s nuclear weapons arsenal. 6 other countries have confirmed their possession of nuclear weapons.

nuclear_button2Nuclear weapons pose a constant threat to global peace and security. World leaders have the ability to detonate a nuclear weapon within minutes with the push of a single button.

World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is challenging YOU to design a new nuclear button!

WFUNA has noticed that the traditional “nuclear button” -the button that is pressed to launch a nuclear weapon- is rather boring in design, and doesn’t symbolize the grave consequences of its use. We think you could come up with a more suitable one!

Deadline:12 July 2010. First prize is an Apple ipad!

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