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Hey everyone!

New Zealand Youth Delegation 2010 is really taking off in a big way. Delegates all around the country are hitting schools, youth groups and politicians offices, spreading the word about climate change and the climate change youth movement!

But we need YOUR help! Do you have a group or school that would interested in learning about climate change and the youth connection? are YOU interested in helping others become more inspired to act on climate change? If so, we’d love to hear about it!

We need passionate young people to become our ‘Agents of Change’, to help us reach new communities, schools, youth groups, churches and pretty much any place where there are keen young people. We’d also love it if you could be part of the workshop in your community by running them alongside delegates from your region, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Workshops will focus on:

  • Educating youth on how climate change is affecting people from around the world and how so many are responding to the challenge in smart and courageous ways.
  • Inspiring young people to take action within their communities.
  • Listening to what youth people think and feed that back to ourreaders, both here and on the international stage.

fabWorkshops would involve a short presentation, some conversation and the opportunity for people to contribute to the NZYD F.A.B. Fern. The F.A.B Fern Campaign (Fair, Ambitious, Binding) uses the classic Kiwi icon of a fern as a canvas to collect messages from New Zealand youth. This would include messages on the kind of commitments they’re taking in their own communities and homes to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as well as what do they want our government and world leaders at COP16 to know?

NZYD will present these messages to New Zealand’s leaders in the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, and to the international community gathered at the conference itself in December.

nzyd-crewThere are delegates in Wellington (Jessie, Chelsea, Emma), Auckland (Rick, Kirk, Luke, Rachel, Emily), Wairarapa (Brittany), Christchurch (Suzanna) and Dunedin (Paul, Mike) all with HEAPS of other exciting events and opportunites on the go that they would love your input into as well. So if you are interested you can either email us or call 021 042 7430 (Kirk) and let us know what region you have connections to or would like to help out in.

More info about NYYD here:

Emma (on behalf of the NZYDers)

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