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Just Write Team 2008

The JUST WRITE team 2008

The JW team 2008 The 2008 team had a great year, meeting in Wellington and Auckland for training, publishing over 30 articles in a variety of media (including Tearaway and this website), putting together their own issue of Global Bits and writing and producing a short radio show for Kfm.

(The following is an abbreviated version of the team introductions…. they are writers, they do tend to go on a bit : ))

Star Hey-lo, my name’s Cassandra Tse (rhymes with peace). I’m 15 and I’m a student at Queen Margaret College. I’m a born and bred Wellingtonian- and as such tend to be a bit weeeeeeird. I always find bursting into song can fill any awkward silence, and to shut people up in a restaurant you just have to say clearly “I’ll order the liver.” My “issue of choice” is discrimination. It’s sooooooooo last century.

Star Hi, I’m Hannah Robson and I’m from Feilding. I LOVE music (especially The Killers, My Chemical Romance etc), politics, war, poetry, and travel (although I haven’t even done much…). I’m going to Vietnam in July for a history trip! I’m also passionate about the world, and trying to make it a better place where everyone can live without discrimination.

Star My name is Houston Paea. I love writing. I love cooking. Since I’ve discovered these passions, I’ve stuck them on my CV and since then, jobs have fallen into my lap. Girls haven’t, but I’ve found once I’ve stopped crying I don’t much mind. If there’s one word I could use to describe my writing style, it would have to be: cynical. I aim for my writing to touch, in fact, full out tackle issues and mainstream opinions. I try to be the articulate voice for the inarticulate masses.

Star My name’s Josh Wright and I live in the windy city - Wellington - run (down) by Kerry Prenderghast(ly). Anyway, I’m sixteen years old now and I attend Rongotai College. I’m an avid reader, and as such, I suppose, an avid writer. I have opinions on all the world’s happenings. Naturally I like to be well read on things occurring in the world. The three places I want to visit before I die are: Cuba (Home to masses of art and culture), China (it is an amazing country historically and presently) and Antarctica, which I think would just be fascinating.

Star I’m Kayla Hurst and I live in Westport. I am very passionate about animals and music and I love and admire all my friends. I’m also in a band which I sing in and we have entered rockquest twice. People think I’m a little strange and I get teased quite a bit but I don’t mind. I think everyone should be treated the same and that no matter how people look or how they dress they should just be accepted for who they are.

Star Hey, my name is Liam Sweeney; I am 16 years old and live in Wellington. I am Year 12 at Saint Patrick’s College Silverstream, which is pretty cool. I love riding BMX, snowboarding, mountain biking, playing soccer and I also enjoy playing the bass and listening to music. I am strongly opposed to discrimination and believe every body should have equal rights, I also think we should be doing more to preserve our world.

Star Hi! I’m Megan Elder and I am from the small town of Stirling, population about 86. My life revolves around a lot of things, including playing music, soccer, choir, drama, making and cooking stuff, working in the local library and reading up on interesting topics. I am looking forward to getting a greater insight into environmental issues affecting our country and learning heaps about the concerns of some of the young people in New Zealand.

Star Hey, my name’s Nicole Mesman, I am 15 years old, am home schooled and live in Christchurch. Despite being home schooled I’m actually normal, I love sports especially athletics, netball and skiing/snowboarding and I’m also into Music. The reason I’m on this team is because I am enthusiastic about the environment. It disappoints me how little we are doing to stop global problems like global warming we could be doing so much more!

Star I’m Sylvie Admore. I’m yr11 at Carmel College on Auckland’s North Shore. I sail Starlings and 29ers at Murrays Bay and also manage to fit in a couple of hours of Ballroom and Latin dancing somewhere in between. I love to travel and want a job that is basically a big OE (Give me a yell if you think of one; and please don’t say be an air-hostess!). I am keen to do something worthwhile with my life and to make a difference in the world.

Star Hey everyone!!! It’s William Zhang here and I’m from Auckland, but I was originally born in Wellington 15 years ago. I’m currently a year 12 at Auckland Grammar School. I enjoy playing tennis, watching tennis, working at the tennis … you get the picture. I also do orienteering (fun!!!), distance running and cycling. Umm… I like music!!! I’m really interested in how human psychology and evolution plays a huge part in determining the way we approach problems in the world and interact with each other in our daily lives.