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Just Write team 2009

Team Introductions

Joy Foster-Christie, Maungaturoto, Northland
Hey everyone! My name is Joy Foster-Christie. I live up in the North Island in a small, unnecessary town called Maungaturoto. I was born in London, but my parents and I left for New Zealand when my Mother felt a random urge to move to the other side of the world. I am currently in Year Twelve at Otamatea High School in Maungaturoto, and pursuing a career in Photo-Journalism. I am a passionate about photography. If my camera is with me, I am happy. I am hoping to finish my schooling year this year (which is a co-joint year twelve/thirteen course) and get myself to a university next year. If there is coffee, I am happy. And if the sun is out, I am complete. I have issues with my hair, and I think it’s temperamental. Black hair, then white, pink, orange, green, blue, purple. It seems to have moods. I love to write, I find it a really good way to express myself, help people understand, and tell my opinions and ideas to others. What I love most: Writing to make the change that we want to happen, happen.


Pere, Su'Ad, Joy, Meredith and Tom

Su’Ad Muse, Auckland
Hello! My name is Su’Ad Muse. I was born in Somalia (East Africa) but raised in New Zealand and therefore identify with both cultures. I’m currently in year 12 attending Massey High School, which, by the way, is celebrating its 40 year anniversary in April so as you can imagine it’s ancient! I adore writing, mainly poetry but given time and plenty of hot milo I’ll write anything. My hobbies include reading, yoga, meditating, martial arts and star gazing (by which I mean occasionally looking out the kitchen window after dusk). I’m an accidental nonconformist; I don’t go with the crowd. I’d consider myself a well-read pseudo gypsy, who laughs way too much. I’m concerned with all world issues but especially those dealing with war. For I’m a strong advocator against war and feel deeply for all victims of this human flaw.

Dru Senevirantne, Auckland
I’m Dru, small and brown. (Sri Lankan). Video games, basketball, art, literature, manga are my things. People call me ‘alternative’ or ‘different’ or usually both. I’ve grown up bi-culturally with two sisters and an entrenched value of education. I have grown up in Auckland and currently year 11 at Auckland Boys Grammar (150 years old). Um, I usually spend my free time outside, reading, running, eating, doing whatever floats my boat. I’ve established myself within the minority and thus LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL - What we do is what we are. Peace :D Dru.

Pere Te Ruru O Te Ramana Wihongi, Auckland
Kia ora everybody, my name is Pere Te Ruru O Te Ramana Wihongi. Confusing? I know.. but you can just call me COOL GUY! or Pere. Take your pick. I’m 5teen, at Te Wharekura O Mangere, which is located in Mangere. LOVING - Family (except my siblings at times), my friends (they can be a bit dodgy too), my school (don’t even get me started), and my hometown. I like doing sports, touch, tennis, rararaaah and also singing. I once got a school report saying I sing too much, that was hilarious, before I got the punishment. I LOVE KAPAHAKA! You all probably know what that is, but for those who don’t its Maori cultural performing arts and you will probably hear a few songs. I’m the type that hates boredom and will do anything to solve it. E.g. burst out singing a Maori song in total silence, make an annoying noise…but that’s just me.

Meeting project partners Save the Children NZ

Talking with project partners Save the Children NZ

Josephine Adams, New Plymouth
My name is Josephine Adams and I’m in Year 12 at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. I was born in Darwin, Australia, and lived there (in Aussie) for two years before we moved to Qatar, a small country in the middle east, where my sister was born. After two years there we moved to New Plymouth (here in NZ) where we stayed for 8 years before moving to Denmark for 3 years. We’re now back in New Plymouth, which I consider to be my ‘hometown’. My experiences overseas have made me more patriotic towards dear ol’ NZ, and also interested me in diplomacy. I am passionate about the environment, human rights issues and chocolate.

Meredith Paterson, Wanganui
My name’s Meredith Paterson and I go to Wanganui High School. I love cross country running, hanging on the trapeze of my Dad’s 470 yacht, reading philosophy and drawing with pastels. I was born in Canada but have lived in New Zealand most my life. When I finish school I want to travel the world with my camera. I have a keen interest in the world around me and hope to infect others with it.

Maddie McIntyre, Wellington
My name is Maddie McIntyre and I am Year 12 at Onslow College, Wellington. Born in Australia, I only spent a year and half in New Zealand before moving with my family to Saudia Arabia where I spent nine years. When things started to heat up over there I was sent back to my parents home country - NZ. I spent two years in boarding school in Masterton before my mum and little bro moved back to Wellington. I’m an avid reader, give me a book and I’ve probably read it, I have a wide taste in music, my ipod has every genre known to man, I have a passion for learning languages (Spanish and Maori), dirt bike riding, soccer, running,  playing guitar, dancing, poker, transformers and rowing. My interests lie in advocating children’s rights and protecting them against abuse, not only in New Zealand but all over the world, because I recently was blessed to have a half sister and half brother born - neither of which I have been able to see yet - and I want them to grow up in a safe environment. I also believe strongly in educating the masses and working towards a solution in Gaza.

Thomas Mitchell, Wellington
My name is Thomas Mitchell and I am a Y12 student at Wellington College. I’m a born and bred Wellingtonian (lived here all my life!) and love spending time on the waterfront and in various eateries all over town. My passions include photography, design and working to educate others about things like Fair Trade and the environment. When I finish school I’m looking at doing Medicine at Auckland University and hope to be able to volunteer in the developing world later in life.

Nick Mutch, Christchurch
My names Nick Mutch and I am currently Year 13 at Burnside High, Christchurch. I have lived in New Zealand all my life with the exception of 2 years in England when I was much younger and 6 months in Japan. I, like everyone else here, have a great interest in all kinds of reading and writing and hope to have a career in journalism later in my life. Currently I work at BP and represent my school at debating as well as working as an academic tutor for English and History. In my free time I like to read philosophy and history, play tennis and or course, write.

Working hard with Tessa Johnstone

Working hard with Tessa Johnstone

Cassandra Arianna Scott-Laffey, Invercargill
Me… well ask everyone I know about me, and you’ll get this great big “Where do I begin.” A name is a good start, so I’m Cassandra Arianna Scott-Laffey, or Cassie. I’m 14 and am a year 11 at Aparima College in Riverton but live down in Invercargill. I’m Kiwi born, but moved with my mum to England when I was 6. That was all cool, then last February I just decided I needed a change so moved back to NZ to live with my dad. I love travelling, through my life I’ve probably been to roughly 20 countries. Unfortunately I can’t remember half of them as when I was five I got a trip around most of Europe, but my five year old mind cannot remember each place visited (but I seem to remember Disneyland very well… lol). I love my music, everything and anything goes and I love listening to just about all of it, but the playing side has always had me stumped. I also like rowing, reading, video games, films, and am currently mad for the Twilight series. I’m ridiculously in love with Doctor Who and everything related to it, so much so that you get random outbursts of quotes and recitals of episodes from me… hehe. I’m one of those completely random people who laughs too much. Crazy or different would be the best ways of describing me.

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